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In the midst of increasing network security risks, a number of SMBs are striving to find an appropriate security product and workers capable of managing internal security. SMBs need an affordable security solution that thoroughly covers the network and allows them to solely focus on business.

The Hansol NexG security solution offers a graphic interface to easily publish security policies and 24/365 inspection by qualified specialists for prompt reactions and intrusion prevention.

Easy to publish and manage policies

  • Intuitive interface with a real-time dashboard for a prompt response
  • Graphic interface with Drag & Drop for easy security management
  • Efficient policy management through checking unused objects and policies
  • Policy simulation for smarter policy publication

VPN service

  • The Hansol NexG VPN protects data transmission between headquarters and branch offices.
  • Provides static IPs to run services

Low system deployment cost

  • Reduce initial system deployment cost by leasing security appliances

Operative 24 hours, 365 days

  • 24/365 seamless management for security appliances
  • Policy inspection and optimization of appliances

Prompt response

  • OneCall failure handling service
    • A single call from the client is enough to get a fast and immediate reaction
  • An immediate announcement and intrusion report are provided when failure or intrusion is detected

Security education and technical assistance

  • Assists in security policy establishment
  • Regularly provides security education seminars for administrators
  • Security reminders and trends are provided

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