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e-Government systematically processes data to efficiently manage government organizations and simplify administrative procedures while providing the consolidated security required to keep crucial assets safe from evolving cyber attacks.

Hansol NexG Security Solution ensures the safety of the government’s confidential data/assets through advanced security capabilities while delivering a safe communication environment and large-scale data transmission.

Advanced security features

  • Keeps uncertified user network usage under your control
  • Defines different application access policies for each user by analyzing the user history
  • Easily applies security policies by using country codes attained from Geo-IPs
  • Extensively detects/blocks Malware, Trojans, Spyware, Adware and other potential attacks through multilayer-detection technology
  • A number of different levels of measures against flooding attack are available by setting different threshold values
  • Supports Split DNS to provide a DNS security management environment
  • Prevents data loss through data leakage prevention technology

Centralized interface and analysis tool kit

  • Provides an intuitive and efficient security management interface with a real-time dashboard
  • Provides statistics and reports
  • Centralized monitoring interface for common policy establishment and easy management

Stable management and configuration

  • Active-Active configuration in an L3-layer environment in the absence of an L4 switch
  • Easy configuration delivered by supporting different kinds of interface extensions
  • Performance of 1Gbps to 160Gbps
  • Enables HA configuration with device ID numbers and cluster IDs
  • Seamless service management enabled by auto session/SA synchronization triggered by a state change

IPv6 support

  • Adaptable to the IPv6 network service to allow uncompromised security, enhanced service, and advanced network management

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