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Financial institutions (e.g. banks, stock corporations, insurance companies) have become a common target of various cyber attacks. The service delay and leakage of confidential data caused by such attacks lead to financial damage and loss of reliability. Financial firms need a formidable security solution to protect customer data and provide secure financial services.

Hansol NexG’s security solution minimizes the potential service delay caused by cyber threats and delivers a cutting-edge technology that protects computerized resources and customer credibility.

Guaranteed data confidentiality and integrity, easy configuration

  • Allows secure data transmission by supporting standard certification algorithms including IKEv1 and IKEv2
  • Makes it easy to separate network meshes and enables VPN connections among institutions by multi-tunneling
  • Provides an Active-Active configuration and data line availability for an L3 environment in absence of an L4 switch
  • Provides ease of configuration by supporting various interface module expansions

Advanced security features

  • Provides advanced security by supporting user-based and group-based security policies
  • Allows various QoS configurations including traffic, order of priority, restriction, guarantee, directions and security policy-based QoS
  • A number of different security measures (e.g., warnings, blocks) applicable through setting the threshold value
  • Detects vulnerabilities and blocks malware

High performance and stability

  • Processing performance of 1Gbp to 160Gbps maximum
  • Highly available for stable network management
  • Auto session/SA sync and many other sync functionalities triggered by a state change

Easy management

  • Centralized monitoring environment for policy establishment and easy management
  • Efficient security management enabled by notifying of unused and redundant policy
  • Policy simulation for convenient security policy establishment

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