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Educational institutions today offer various education services such as online courses. However, malwares transferred via P2P and illegal websites lead to a loss of sensitive information and damage in providing educational services. The institutions need a reliable security solution to prevent potential disasters.

The Hansol NexG security solution delivers a network securing technology that prevents intrusions and minimizes the damage caused by malwares in educational institutions.

Protection from security threats

  • Delivers the convenience of selecting signatures due to clear categorizations and the separating of vulnerability signatures and malware signatures
  • A number of different security measures (e.g., warnings, blocks) against flooding attack are applicable through setting the threshold value
  • Detects/blocks Malware, Trojans, Spyware and Adware
  • Real-time detection for new and potential threats via cloud-based reputation analysis

Protection from harmful sites

  • Blocks harmful sites via URL filtering
  • Guarantees a safe web environment for users by utilizing a web database from the Korea Communications Commission
  • Provides 64 categories (malware, phishing URL, etc.) and 8 detailed security categories
  • Detects/blocks unreported harmful websites via cloud-based URL reputation analysis

High performance and stability

  • Process performance of 1Gbps to 160Gbps
  • Highly available for stable network management
  • Auto Session/SA sync and many other sync functionalities triggered by a state change

IPv6 support

  • Flexibly adaptable to IPv6 network service to allow uncompromised security, enhanced service and network management.

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