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A number of enterprises have utilized the Internet to provide quick service for customers. However, the increasing risk of cyber attack and access to uncertified websites from inside the enterprise network have resulted in the leakage of customer data leading to the loss of reliability. It is undeniable that every enterprise needs an uncompromised security solution to protect its network and maintain its reliability.

Hansol NexG delivers an unmatched secure environment for your company via user- and application-based policies to protect your network from threats caused by uncertified access and file sharing, SNS activity, and application usage happening inside the enterprise network.

Advanced security features

  • Limits access to company intranet services to certified users by performing user identification in conjunction with AD, LDAP
  • Provides consolidated security via user-based and group-based application policies, which were absent from existing firewalls
  • Applies QoS for each application to prevent communication delays induced by certain applications
  • Prevents data leakage through data leakage prevention technology

Diverse detection technologies

  • Detects and blocks malware and all kinds of vulnerabilities
  • Cloud-based reputation analysis facilitates the blocking of malware distributors and harmful sites
  • Extensively detects/blocks Malware, Trojans, Spyware, Adware and other potential attacks through multilayer-detection technology
  • A number of different security measures (e.g., warnings, blocks) against flooding attacks are applicable through setting the threshold value

Supports for a scattered enterprise environment

  • Hansol NexG’s VPN protects data transmission between headquarters and branch offices.
  • Provides centralized management interface for scattered security devices

Supports seamless business activities

  • Hansol NexG mobile security technology delivers safe and easy access to intranets for workers outside the office and provides flexible security policies for them.

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