VPN Service

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The Hansol NexG’s VPN service, developed in 2001, is the first security control service in Korea that uses its own VPN technology. Hansol NexG’s own VPN solution and UTM installation provides powerful network security and delivers a VPN service of the best quality through the Hansol NexG control center’s 365/24 management.

For companies that need a static IP for server management and other reasons:

Provides official static IPs, and as many as you want for free

For companies where network security is pivotal:

Allows you to transmit data between headquarters and branch offices safely by encryption and VPN tunneling along with QoS and Firewall services for your comfortable Internet use

For companies with no network manager

Unmatched experts keep their eyes on the safety of your Internet service 365/24 and completely resolve problems by a single phone call

Headquarter-Branch VPN diagram


Hansol NexG’s VPN service is the oldest VPN service product in Korea and has distinguished skills and know-how.

Dedicated Service distinguished from others

Hansol NexG : Installs center’s CO appliance, NMS appliance and branch’s CPE appliance at the customer’s office.

Other vendors : Manages large CO appliances at the ISP and installs the branch’s CPE appliance at the customer’s office

The Hansol NexG’s VPN service is a “Dedicated Service” that installs both the center appliance and branch appliance at the customer’s office thereby creating a best network environment for the customer.


Security performance enhancement: Firewall adopted

The Hansol NexG’s VPN service offers proper firewall and policy configuration for customers to eliminate unapproved access and deliver a safe network environment.

  • Firewall and policy configuration optimized for customers
  • In the case of clients that have their own security policies, we apply proper firewall rules
  • Delivers a safe network environment by eliminating unapproved access from outside
  • Blocks unnecessary transmission (Unapproved messenger/web sites, worm viruses, P2P, etc.)


Rich experience and know-how on network management

One Call failure management and on-site failure handling service

Hansol NexG’s VPN service guarantees the customer’s network quality with unmatched experts highly knowledgeable and rich in experience in integrated security management.
In case of failure, a customer can instantly get a remote failure handling service by making a single phone call to the Hansol NexG control center regardless of the failure type (line failure, appliance failure). If it does not be solved through the remote failure handling service, our dispatched workers will handle the problem.