Managed Security Service

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Your network is always subject to threats. A system failure and loss of information can lead to large damage to your business. Accordingly effective security management for stable IT infrastructure is strongly demanded. Hansol NexG offers an managed security service to keep your business safe.

Our managed security service includes security consulting, system establishment, management, and vulnerability checks; and reporting, system control and managed security service system management.

Managed Security Service

Our managed security service presents a systematic and efficient security management system to keep clients’ data and system management safe. The service’s purpose is to allow clients to focus on their own businesses by establishing an intrusion response system and taking 24*7*365 real-time immediate actions against attacks.

Build up of the security system

Key Features

Service management that complies with international standards

Hansol NexG guarantees the quality of managed security service in accordance with international standards (ISO/IEC 2000), and keeps tracking KPI to enhance the quality of service.

ISO/IEC 20000 Diagram


ISO/IEC 20000 effects

Enhancing efficiency
  • Process standardization
  • Workload redundancy reduction
  • Set up a clear and systematic work process
  • Upgrade control over changed items
  • Interoperability between T service provider and clients’ department
  • Unified model for communication
 For clients
  • Better and more stable environment available
  • Becomes more reliable with quality assurance provided with services
  • Straight and clear conversation channel available

Managed Security Service Methodology

HNSCM (Hansol NexG Managed Security Service Methodology)

Security Control Methodology


Hansol NexG’s managed security service is an outsourcing service that installs and runs security systems (Firewall, IDS, IPS, WAF, etc.) optimized for clients to prevent against increasing cyber threats (intrusions, intelligent hacking, etc.) and provides 24/365 protection of clients’ information systems.

Firewall managed security service

Managed Firewall Service

  • Shields the server from cracking and maintains the highest level of network performance using a firewall
  • Applies an optimized firewall ruleset
  • Applies up-to-date defense technologies against hacking and cracking

IPS managed security service

Managed IPS Service

  • Detects the intruder who trespasses a firewall, detects security events, and sends alert messages
  • Security reports provided
  • Supports security policy, and adopts the best protection technology for the latest hacking methods

UTM managed security service

Managed UTM Service

  • Protection against cracking and best network performance guaranteed by managed security device
  • Firewall/IDS/IPS: block malicious attacks
  • Antivirus Gateway (Virus, malmail)
  • Block SPAM, WEB Filter

WAF managed security service

Managed WAF Service

  • Detection and protection for web application attacks that get through existing devices’ protection layers
  • Protection against notorious up-to-date web hacking
  • Web vulnerability check -> Web security device study mode -> Web security device protection mode -> Web vulnerability check -> Redeem

Service info (basic service/supplementary service)

  • HEALTH CHECK for managed device
  • Resource check for managed device
  • Homepage forgery monitoring
  • ALIVE CHECK for major server ports
  • ALIVE CHECK for major network devices
Device management service
  • 24/365 remote management for customer security devices
  • Publication and management of security policies
  • Optimal post-inspection policy management
  • Online policy state check
  • Save security logs
Security event analysis and reports
  • Real-time statistics
  • Real-time event analysis and response
  • Virus/vulnerability/security recommendations
  • Security trends information provided
  • Security device’s OS upgrade and SW patch
  • Security device signature pattern update
  • Up-to-date security patch information for server provided
Failure and intrusion response
  • 24/365 online support by control center
  • Notification sent in case of a failure
  • Engineer’s ON-SITE support provided in case of a failure
  • Notification sent in case of an emergency
  • Emergency response/analysis report
Security Education
  • Regular security education for managers
  • Regular on-site education for managers
Web shell monitoring
  • Monitoring for web server’s web shell installation status
  • Monitors and prevents file forgery on web server
Security diagnosis
  • Diagnose system vulnerability
  • Diagnose web vulnerability
  • Mock hacking
Security incident analysis
  • Infected route analysis
  • Response methodology suggestion

Vulnerability diagnosis

Hansol NexG’s vulnerability diagnosis service checks the vulnerability on clients’ networks and data systems and provides suggestions to guarantee the safety of the system.

We analyze the status and security level of client data systems by utilizing security experts checking a variety of different checklists. System/Infra vulnerability and web vulnerability diagnosis follows the next order.


Accident analysis

Hansol NexG’s emergency analysis service provides an analysis run by experts in case of emergency induced by intelligent hacking to identify the cause of the accident and prevent potential accidents.

Accident analysis overview
Emergency response process

Mock hacking

Hansol NexG’s mock hacking service eliminates the possibility of attack on a customer’s data system and provides counterplans to prevent cyber-attack incidents by simulating with real hacking methods used by a number of hackers. It examines the ripple effect of cyber threats by uncertified users and potential vulnerability of data systems and utilizes the research data as base data to prepare a security countermeasure for the customer.


Web shell (Web forgery inspection)

Hansol NexG’s web forgery inspection service guarantees the customer web service’s stability and protects data from web shell and web malware insertion attacks.
A Web shell detection solution is installed on the web server and detects the web shell to prevent a data loss accident in advance. A Web malware detection solution prevents web server infiltration accidents and the damage that visitors accessing web services might incur by monitoring the service in real-time.