Enterprise Security Management

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NexG ESM is a next-generation enterprise security manager that monitors deployed devices, publishes security policies, and performs statistical analysis. NexG ESM exhibits high processing performance by adopting NoSQL.

3-Tier architecture

The ESM Server analyzes NexG FW’s firewall/VPN/IPS execution status while the analyzed data can be viewed on an ESM Manager WEB Application

Intuitive interface of NexG ESM Manager WEB Application

– View NexG FW’s execution status at a glance
– ESM Manager provides real-time logs of firewall/VPN/IPS

Smart Management

– Track and restore the settings history to minimize the damage caused by management mistake
– Check unused/deactivated policy status and analyze a number of different logs to efficiently manage and publish policies

Key Features


Highly intuitive interface with topology view
Intuitive monitoring with dashboard and monitoring screen
Monitor device performance and line status

Integrated management environment

Centralized control over individual and group devices
Check and manage policies by group, or item by item
Easily search target appliances

Log management and analysis

NoSQL based high-speed processing
Sort logs by login, faults, maneuver, alerts and browse them
Log analysis for firewall/VPN/applications available

Statistics and reports

Statistics and graph data on performance and traffic provided
Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly information/Regular reports provided

Settings management

Auto backup and auto save for configuration files
Settings restoration available
Compare settings of individual devices

Key Functions

Device Management Device registration and group management
Automatic categorization for models
Performance summary provided
Save, restore, and view history of settings
Topology view
Item-by-item/group-based alarming function for device malfunction, line failure and alerts.
Monitoring Dashboard available
Device status monitoring (normal/failure/line/alarm)
Item-by-item and group-based Top N monitoring
Device duty cycle monitoring
Real-time event/log monitoring
Real-time performance graph
Policy Item-by-Item policy lookup
Check Item-by-item/Group/Model’s deactivated policy status
Policy On/Off, Log activation On/Off, Priority adjustment
Save/Restore/View policy history
Search which firewall logs have been used for policies
Compare policies of different devices
Log Support diverse logs (Operation, Inspection, Firewall, VPN, IPS, Application, etc)
Search and classify logs
Export search results
Statistics Provides Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly statistics graphs
Provides device/group/model-based resource statistics graphs
Provides device/group/model-based traffic statistics graph
Analysis Real-time/Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly analysis
Item-by-item/Group/Model-based analysis
Firewall/Session analysis
IPS analysis
Application analysis
HTTP analysis
Report Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly report
Item-by-Item appliance report (Information/regular report)
Comprehensive device report (Performance/security/traffic/failure report)
Download report in PDF
Report mailbox (For managing previous reports)
Management Different authorization settings applicable (Super administrator, general administrator)
Appliance critical value configuration
Logdisk configuration
Dashboard configuration
Integrity configuration
SNMP configuration
Time synchronization
Alarm configuration