oneM2M-based IoT Security Solution

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Hansol NexG’s M2M/IoT security solution follows the oneM2M standard.

oneM2M is a standardization group that consists of 8 organizations representing America, Europe, and Asia and more than 210 mobile carriers, vendors and solution providers.
The oneM2M-based IoT security solution provides CSF (Common Services Functions) and SFL (Security Functions Layer) for each node in a form of software and hardware. Hansol NexG’s oneM2M-based IoT solution, which delivers both security and service features at the same time, is strongly recommended when building a private M2M service in public and manufacturing grounds.


Hansol NexG delivers common features available for IoT devices, IoT gateways, and IoT servers; and consistently manageable security features.

Key Features

Security module for Things devices Security modules for Things Device
(SecureClient for Things)
Common features of oneM2M devices
Security functions for Things
Key and configuration management through hardware security module
CoAP over DTLS
Applicable for various sensor/actuators
Things IoT security gateway IoT Security Gateway
(SecureClient for Embedded)
Common features of oneM2M gateway
oneM2M security gateway functions
IoT security gateway functions
Interoperability with other platforms
(OIC, AllSeen, etc.)
Secure Boot & Secure Storage (Key and main information management)
CoAP over DTLS
6LBR(6LoWPAN Border Router)
IoT message filtering and caching
iot공통기능서버 IoT IN Server oneM2M server’s common functions
Certification, access control and communication security management for device and gateways
oneM2M RESTful API
Interoperability with other platforms (OIC, AllSeen, etc.)


Hansol NexG, delivering basic common features and security features, looks forward to going into partnership with other companies to create a better IoT service.

For a successful IoT business, companies specialized in data expression, system design, sensor device, value analysis, and service providers need to work together. We desire to integrate partners’ capability and ours to proceed with a variety of research and verification businesses.

Please contact us through ‘Join Partnership’ below if you look forward to building the IoT highway of Korea with Hansol NexG.