Hansol NexG held “2015 Solution Day”

HansolNexG company-news

Hansol NexG held “2015 Solution Day” to share the information about next-generation security solution
at L-Tower at Yangjae-dong, Seoul on last November13th.




We presented the following topics in the high attention from many security experts:

▲ Wired-wireless Integrated security (WLC) of next-generation firewall
▲ Big data-based Managed Security Service System
▲ IoT Security Solution


Recently, the needs of mobile security have been increased by
rise of number of Wi-Fi devices, such as smartphone.


Hansol NexG had a presentation and demo session on WLC (Wireless LAN Controller), one of next-generation features of NexG FW, providing wired and wireless integrated security functions to wireless devices (Wi-Fi) and access users.

For now, we are able to provide you high quality of managed security service
by enlarging the scope of security monitoring comparing to the existing managed security system.


oneM2M-based IoT security solution presented at this time is appropriate for Private IoT service installation for public and manufacturing sectors in which security is considered more important than any other element.

Also, it is able to easily stretch out to new product and service based on well-connectivity
among various products.



We appreciate all your interest and support for our “2015 Solution Day”.