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We have grown to become a professional, globally integrated security company and the representative security company in South Korea.

2015 04 Registered next-generation firewall – NexG FW – to public procurement (Korea ON-line E-Procurement System )
02 Signed an agreement with KCC Security in control management
2014 03 Renamed the company – “Hansol NexG”
11 Held 2014 Hansol NexG Product Showcase
11 Developed and released Next-Generation Firewall – “NexG FW”
2013 06 Developed and released VForce UTM 500 Series
09 Became incorporated as an affiliate of the Hansol Group
11 Held 2013 NexG security seminar
11 Developed and released M2M/IoT product line
11 Developed and released mobile IPsec VPN technology
12 Moved headquarters to Sang-am dong
2012 02 Moved headquarters to Bang-bae dong
12 Developed and released LTE module built-in VPN (VForce 403L)
12 Developed next-generation UTM by using Octeon II
2011 04 Obtained CC certification for VPN client product ‘VForce Security Client’
05 Obtained CC certification for network intrusion prevention system ‘VForce IPS’
10 Obtained a patent
  [Both link aggregation equipment considering physical link information and data transferring method by using link aggregation]
2010 04 Obtained TTA certification for standardization conformance of VForce UTM 4.2V IPv6 (Telecommunication Technology Association)
05 Obtained TTA certification for standardization conformance of VForce 5408, 1700 IPv6 (Telecommunication Technology Association)
06 Digital Times selected our UTM as the best product in customer satisfaction during the first half of year.
07 Delivered Smart Grid product to the Seoul ‘Eco Mileage System’
2009 02 Signed the contract CC certification for the VForce V4.2 version of the NexG UTM series
07 Obtained a patent [method and system for transmitting data by distributing the traffic in each line between the server and the client through a virtual interface] (Korean Intellectual Property Office)
09 Selected NexG to develop a ‘Smart Grid energy management product with enhanced security for family use’ for the ‘2009 IT / SW blended product commercialization support business’ (National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA))
12 Confirmed to participate in Je-ju Smart Grid test site – SKT Consortium (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
2008 02 Obtained a patent [An automatic power supply controller recognizing the upset condition of external equipment (Korean Intellectual Property Office)
02 Held 2008 NexG next-generation security seminar
10 Released integrated security solution (UTM) – VForce UTM series
2007 04 Obtained a certificate of design registration for VForce NPC multi-tap (Korean Intellectual Property Office)
07 Checked out venture business [2007.7.212009.7.20] (Small and medium Business Corporation)
08 Listed on the KOSDAQ
10 Obtained certification for VForce 5200 TTA IPv6 (Korean Telecommunication Technology Association)
2006 07 Obtained technical innovative type INNO-BIZ (Small Business Administration)
11 Obtained CC certification for VForce VPN
12 Acquired utility model for NPC 104 Power Cable Anchor (Korean Intellectual Property Office)
12 Obtained a patent for the remote power controller by using signal in series (Korean Intellectual Property Office)
12 Obtained project order for VPN implementation for the Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives
2005 03xpanded headquarters and technology R&D center (Daechi dong, Gangnam District)
03 Released VAAN service 10M/20M – new concept Internet service
04 Released VPN Integrated security equipment – VForce 1500
12 Obtained CC certification for VVPN Integrated Security Solution – VForce 1200
2004 04 Held ‘21C New Trend VPN’ seminar with Dacom, Inc.
04 Selected as a promising small business (Small and Medium Business Corporation)
06 Moved headquarters and technology R&D center to Daechi-dong, Gangnam District
06 Obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification
2003 01 Released VForce 800s – Products for small-sized business and SOHO offices
04 Selected as a VPN product provider to Dacom, Inc
05 Released VForce Client software
06 Built affiliated R&D center and obtained certification (Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association)
07 Released VForce 810 for SOHO
07 Obtained Venture Company certification (Seoul Regional Small Medium Business Administration)
11 Won Silver Award in IT service dedicated circuit from ‘Young Frontier Awards 2003’ held by the Seoul Economic Network
2002 02 Released the first VForce VPN
08 Software licensee registration – Korea Software Industry Association
10 Obtained certification for an information technology device (Passed the electromagnetic compatibility test) – by the Electric Wave Research Institute
2001 10 Corporation establishment as NexG
10 Developed VAAN (VPN Applied Advanced Network) Service
11 Released ‘VAAN’ service, security control service, through VPN