CEO’s Greeting

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To our valued customers,
I would like to thank all of our customers who have always supported Hansol NexG with continued interest and affection.

Since its foundation in 2001, Hansol NexG has grown as a leader in the VPN and network security enterprises market. We are devoted to being a representative integrated security solutions company in South Korea. After being incorporated into part of the Hansol Group, we would like to leap forward to the next chapter of “Change and Innovation” with the Hansol Inticube and Solacia, IT affiliates of the Hansol Group.

First, Hansol NexG wants to establish the basis for long-term growth through the enhancement of our core business. We enhance capabilities by combining its M2M solution, newly rising in the VPN business sector, and focus on improving service compatibility and remote control businesses in the security remote service area.

In addition, Hansol NexG will concentrate on creating synergy among affiliates to support the development of a new growth engine. We are stepping forward by focusing on our M2M and Mobile security business, which will be a new growth engine adding the communication solutions of Hansol Inticube and the smart card of Solacia to our capabilities in the network security field. By carrying out drastic investment in new business development areas, Hansol NexG will establish the basis to become a professional, globally integrated security company.

Dear Valued Customers,

We promise that all of our employees will work our hardest to develop new solutions to produce the best results and support. We are pleased to have all of our customers’ continued interest and support for the great change happening at Hansol NexG.

Thank you,

CEO Park Sang Jun